• Microeconomic Principles (Econ 103), Summer 2021 (evaluation) (syllabus)

    As the instructor of ECON 103, my goal was to enhance students' understanding of microeconomic principles and their practical applications. Through engaging in-class experiments, such as the 'public goods game' and 'market experiments', students gained both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to analyze economic phenomena in real-world contexts.

  • Introduction to Econometrics (Econ 345), Summer 2020 (Online) (syllabus)

    As the instructor of Econ 345, I taught this course online, introducing students to econometrics (with a focus on linear regression, ordinary least squares (OLS), time series, and panel data). Throughout the course, students learned how to use Stata to perform various econometric tasks, such as running regressions, estimating parameters, conducting statistical analysis, and creating visualizations. By the end of the course, students had gained a solid understanding of the underlying concepts and practical skills necessary to conduct rigorous empirical research in economics.

Teaching Assistant

  • Behavioral Economics for Non-Profits (Econ 296): Summer 2018 (evaluation) (syllabus)

    As a TA for ECON 296, I was responsible for various tasks, including assisting in designing the syllabus, facilitating class discussions, organizing in-class experiments, and collecting and grading homework assignments. By providing valuable support to the professor, I helped create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for students, where they could explore the intersection of economics and psychology and apply their knowledge to real-world problems.

Student Testimonials

“I can’t say anything should be adjusted. It was an enjoyable course.”

“The instructor always added examples and real–life applications in her lectures. There was always time for questions. The instructor made the lectures interactive individually and as a group.”

“The economic games helped put the lessons into context and better helped me understand some of the more difficult concepts.”

“The course was well organized and easy to navigate. Resources provided were also very helpful in understanding the material as well as the feedback obtained.”